Pet Behavior Training Services


Choose from the following Behavioral Options or Puppy Obedience (don't see an option that you need help with - no problem, just contact me and I will be happy to see if I can help)

Barking, Jumping, Separation Anxiety, Walking Manners, Counter-Surfing, Begging, Nipping, Chewing, Potty-training, Crate-training, Bringing Home Baby, Greeting Guest, Confidence Building, or learn the following commands; Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Watch Me, Leave It, Drop It

All Packages will include the following: Training techniques of the option(s) you choose sent to you via email, unlimited questions allowed for 3 weeks in regards to option(s) chosen, 1 final followup from trainer 3 weeks after training techniques are emailed.

Packages 1 through 5 will help you to re-establish leadership with your dog in a positive and non-physical punishment approach. We will touch base on any unwanted behavioral issues you are having with your dog (you get to choose your package of what will work best for your dog's needs). Some of the most common unwanted behavioral issues are; excessive barking, jumping, biting, using the inside of your house as their toilet, minor aggression issues, and lack of "peace" in the household. My goal is to help you keep the peace and living in harmony with your dog, your family, friends, and you. I promise to do my best to help you succeed in this!

 Package 1 Choose 1 Option // Cost: $15

 Package 2 Choose 2 Options // Cost: $25

 Package 3 Choose 3 Options // Cost: $35

 Package 4 Choose 4 Options // Cost: $45

 Package 5 Choose 5 Options // Cost: $55

 Package 6 Puppy Obedience Training // Cost: $75                                      Welcome to Puppyhood! This is a very important and exciting time in your Puppy's life. Establishing rules and boundaries, proper socialization and teaching your puppy the basics in commands to communicate with you are all part of these training classes. I will help teach you how to deal appropriately with typical "unwanted" behaviors from your puppy such as; nipping, chewing, barking, jumping. Effectively teaching your puppy manners will help with social situations and you and puppy living in harmony with each other. We will also discuss potty training, a proper feeding schedule/routine, exercise for your puppy and much more. Your puppy will learn to sit, stay, lay down, come when called and many more commands. I am very excited to have an opportunity to work with you and your puppy. This training course is done over a 3 week period, each week the pet-parent will receive emails of training techniques and homework to work on. 

 Additional Information Pertaining to Packages:  

  • Depending on the severity of issues, I will sometimes recommend a vet appointment to rule out any medical issues
  • Medical Advice or Diagnose is NOT given
  • Payment is due prior to the CYBER online training course via credit card
  • DISCLAIMER: All techniques should be done in a safe, non-threatening environment. It is the responsibility of the pet-parent to prevent their dog from harming other dogs/pets and humans in any given training technique. Good Little Dog is NOT responsible for dog attacks, aggression, biting, or any other serious issues that a dog does while in training.

There are no guarantees or refunds.

Good Little Dog can’t guarantee results because much of the success of a behavioral modification plan depends on the owner's compliance, the dog’s background, current environment, the severity of the problem, and how long it has been going on.