Pet Behavior Training Services


"My husband was not very happy when he found out I was "blowing" money on a behavioral specialist for Bella. After you left, he said that was money well spent and he was glad that I called you."
Gwen Gould, Sand Lake, MI

"I love how easy and gentle Victoria’s techniques are. I was able to incorporate them into our everyday play and exercise routine.
I've enjoyed every part of this training program and Norman is a better behaved little dog because of it."

Emily Westfall, Grandville, MI

"Bear had issues with aggression toward strangers,
protecting his food and coming when called.
He is not perfect yet, but he continues to improve upon
the solid foundation Victoria constructed with him.
Bailey has improved his manners as well."

Dick & Betsy DeVos, Ada, MI

"Victoria helped us have control of our dog. Since his training he has become a great addition to our family. Victoria taught us and Moose who's the pack leader and what’s' acceptable and what’s' not. Since his (our) training, Moose has built up his duration and his tricks, he has become a loyal and pleasant addition to our family!"
Josh & Ashley Stott, Jenison, MI

"Victoria made training straight-forward and fun.
Her love of dogs is obvious!"

Pam Dykstra, Belmont, MI

"Victoria has benefited us wonderfully. We all learned quick and easy ways to get on the right track. We all had a great time and learned so much! It was a lot more enjoyable than we thought it would be!!"
Kyle & Heather McLeod, Shelbyville, MI

"More than anything it gave me the tools to be a successful leader to my dog. It's been so much fun!"
Sara Dubinsky, Grand Rapids, MI

"You helped us through an adoption and now we have a dog that LOVES everyone!! She is EXTREMELY well behaved! Thank you for everything!"
Wes & Ronda Fisher, Jenison, MI

"Victoria helped us understand what the dynamic should be between our child and our dog. Thanks."
Mark & Susan Burgers, Caledonia, MI

"It has helped us learn how to effectively teach and train Rudy to live a balanced life with your "pack," and we are so grateful Victoria!  You Rock!"
Stephen Lori Staggs, Grand Rapids, MI

"You have made a world of difference for the good teaching me to be the pack leader."
Susan Gilland, Grand Rapids, MI

"Victoria is fantastic. We are first time pet owners and feel our dog would have been out of control without Good Little Dog.  Highly Recommended!  hanks Victoria!"
Brent & Tracey Boncher, Rockford, MI

"Thanks for availability via email and phone!"
Sue Wise, Jenison, MI

"Victoria answered SO many questions I had about our shy, timid little girl! She has such great ideas!"
Sue King, Hudsonville, MI

"PRICELESS!  Made 100% difference in how much I enjoy my pet! As a first-time owner of a "bully breed" dog, I knew I would need help understanding their unique needs. Victoria helped me to do just that - as well as giving me the tools to help my newly adopted pet understand HIS place in his new home!  Beetle is truly a great dog. I get complimented all the time on how well behaved he is, and he is welcome just about everywhere because of it! I dreamed of having a dog I could take camping, to the beach, on vacations, etc...and with the help of Good Little Dog, I got just that!  Thank you!"
Kelly Carey (1st Time Mother of a Pitbull), Grand Rapids, MI

"Helped us help our out-of-control rescued dog. I am most grateful that Victoria offers a resource for me to call whenever I have needed to. My dog is difficult and I have often been lost and worried - she has been a calming, knowledgeable and professional that offers me and my dog love, support and kindness whenever our hour of need appears. I will use her forever and recommend her to everyone!"
Penny Young, Jenison MI

"Good Little Dog helped our puppy become more loveable, fun, socialable, and tolerable in every way. By helping me get ground rules and boundaries for my dog, my home has been much more calmer for everyone. I am beyond satisfied and absolutely love you (Victoria) to death! You are my dog whispering HERO - and Karu's FAVORITE visitor!"
Cori Friar, Grand Rapids, MI

"As first time "parents" we were a bit clueless on where to begin as far as training goes. Not only did Victoria teach us basic commands, she also gave great direction and information on social skills, diet, and was fantastic about returning emails and phone calls with extra questions that we had even after training was completed. Victoria was so loving with our dog and truly is an expert at her career. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"
Jen Hoerle, Grand Rapids, MI