Pet Behavior Training Services


Rehabilitation & Training Philosophy

Dogs show us all the time that they are using their good manners such as, sitting, staying, come when called, and much more, we just have to pay attention. By our dogs taking the initiative in using their good manners lets reward them throughout the day and show them that we are watching and listening. That is great leadership that dogs are looking for!

I believe that it is all in the leadership that we provide to our dogs that makes them a joy to be around.  This will help you build the relationship you wish to have with your pet. The three methods listed below will help you and your Good Little Dog achieve your desired goals:

  • Calmness
  • Patience
  • Consistency

By applying these three methods, you and your Good Little Dog will achieve a very stable, rewarding, and understanding relationship. I can help you achieve your goals and much more!

I believe in reinforcing good behavior throughout the day, every day. You will be the leader your dog needs with the help of my training and behavioral techniques. The relationship you and your family will develop with your Good Little Dog will be a strong loving bond that you will have for the rest of their life.